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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Portland Still Hates Bush

How odd that my very first post of any substance on this blog, which I have created specifically to deal with Oregon and it's history, should have to do with Washington, and it's history. An anniversary is an anniversary though and at least it's in the vicinity.

On this date of November 11, in the year 1889, President Benjamin Harrison declared Washington the 42nd state in the union.

It remains the only state named after a former American President. I really shouldn't have had to tell you that. It would have perhaps been more appropriately named "Polksylvania" because, as They Might Be Giants taught us, it was James K. Polk's aggressive posturing that lead to the British forking over the land that under the 49th parallel aka the Oregon Territory.

Washington's first settlers were actually Oregon bound but after arriving in what is now the Beaver State, George W. Bush (yes, that was his actual name) found that the Oregon Provisional Government would not allow him to own or settle Oregon land. Though he had the same name as our current President he unfortunately did not share the same race. Dubya and his party were entirely African American and entirely unwelcome in Oregon. They were forced to flee across the Columbia and then some. They ceased fleeing and settled in what is now present day Olympia.

So... Oregonians haven't always been so progressive.


Happy Birthday Washington.


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