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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Portland Rosebuds

History is an infinite lattice work of interconnected ideas and relationships. When you delve into it through research, even shallowly, you never know what you end up learning. While brushing up on my Portland arena knowledge for the prior post I discovered that Portland was home to America's first professional hockey team. The Portland Rosebuds began play in 1914 as part of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association; two years later they became the first U.S. team to play for the Stanley Cup. They played, and lost 2 games to three, against the then fledgling Montreal Canadiens. Their rivals to the north, the Seattle Metropolitans became the first team to bring the cup south to US soil. A little more than a decade after their Stanley Cup Finals appearance, the PCHA folded. The team was sold and moved to Illinois where they became the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks maintain a relationship with the city of Portland through the Portland Winterhakws minor league team.

But where did the Portland Rosebuds play? I must look into this.


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